Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ryanair Tells Cabin Crew Stay Slim To Save Money On Fuel

Ryanair the cheap flights airline sure love to save money and increase their profits and have come up with some crazy ideas over the years which includes charging people to use the toilets and not to mention last year when Ryanair said it would be a good idea for passengers to stand up while flying to help increase revenue. Now it seems they have gone a step to far in their battle to save money and increase their profits, Ryanair have well and truly crossed the line now with their latest request of their cabin crew and that request is for all cabin crew to watch their weight and stay slim so the company can save money on fuel.

The low budget airline that are always looking at ways to save money certainly know how to make their cabin crew feel loved with their latest stupid idea. According to Ryanair, if their staff are overweight then the company fuel bill will increase so as a caring airline as Ryanair are, they have requested that all cabin crew stay healthy and slim to help reduce the airlines fuel bill.

A Spokesman for Ryanair Stephen McNamara that told The Telegraph: “We encourage staff to watch their weight”

A member of Ryanair cabin crew who did not want to be name said: “I cannot believe that the company has come out with such a statement, it makes us feel all very wanted by the airline but in this present climate when we are lucky to have a job, there is no way we would complain about it.”


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