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Ryanair Strike Action Dates Announced

Ryanair Pilots based in the UK have today voted to take industrial action over pay and conditions. This news is not going to help the companies profits who this week reported a fall in quarterly profits to 21% due to the rise in fuel prices and the increase in staff costs as well as reduced ticket prices.

The Ryanair Strike action is set to cause further misery for holidaymakers who this year have seen a number of disruptions to flights due to technical problems and strike action.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) who represent Ryanair pilots in the UK has announced two walkouts. The strike action by Ryanair pilots was called after four to one pilots voted for industrial action with a 72% turnout.

Members of the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) voted by four to one to back a campaign of action on a 72% turnout.


Ryanair Strike Action Dates


The first Ryanair strike action will take place from 22-23 August for 48 hours.

The second Ryanair strike action will take place for 60 hours from 2-4 September


A spokesman for British Airline Pilots made a statement over the Ryanair strike action and said: “Decades of Ryanair refusing to deal with unions has resulted in two things. Firstly, a management that apparently doesn’t understand how to work with unions, and secondly a company that doesn’t have a number of standard agreements that any union would reasonably expect in any workplace.”

The spokesman went on to say that the strike action by Ryanair Pilots was about many things which includes pensions, loss of license insurance, allowances, maternity benefits, and a fair, transparent, and consistent pay structure.

When asked why the strike action by Ryanair was set to take place a spokesman explained that Ryanair have made no progress in dealing with any of the areas of concern.


How Will Ryanair Strike Action Affect Passengers


The strike action is going to affect passengers through the cancellation of flights and delayed flights. This could result in passengers needing to book alternative flights.

If a flight has been cancelled or delayed for more than hours due to the strike by Ryanair pilots, then passengers can claim compensation or a full refund.

If you are looking to find out your rights over the Ryanair strike action, then please read our article flight cancellation compensation rights.


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