Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ryanair have pulled some stunts in their time but we have to say the latest stunt by the low cost airline is harsh even by the airline who wants their passengers to pay for going to the toilet.

The cheap flights airline and some may also say the unfriendly airline shocked a passenger who phoned the airline to seek a refund after his wife had a heart attack.

Roger Johnston, 74 and his wife Marie, 73, were looking forward to travelling to France from East Midlands Airport but sadly Marie had a heart attack and was not well enough to fly.

Mr Johnston called Ryanair to explain about his wife and asked for a full refund, unfortunately the retired architect was met by an uncaring member of staff at Ryanair who told him to change the name on the ticket and take someone else.

‘Passenger Is Shocked By Ryanair Lack of Customer Service’

According to the Telegraph, he said: “I was absolutely appalled that they would even insinuate that I should abandon my wife at a time when she needs me the most. It’s morally insulting.

“I would never consider leaving my wife in such a situation. We’ve been married for 40 years and she needs me to help look after her.

“To make matters worse Ryanair say they can only accept her doctor’s note by fax.

“That is just obstructive and designed to put people off. They do everything else online or by email and they should accept a doctor’s note by email too.”

He added: “I asked the woman at Ryanair ‘Would you go off on holiday when your husband had suffered a heart attack and had been told he cannot travel?’

“There was a deafening silence before she told me to send a fax over with a doctor’s note.”

The low cost airline said in a statement to the Telegraph: “We confirmed to Mr Johnston that a full refund would be issued on receipt of a medical letter from his wife’s doctor.

“The passenger called back to advise of a delay in obtaining the required letter, as the doctor was going on holiday, and it was confirmed to him that a refund would be issued even if the required medical letter was received after the date of flight.

“Ryanair made all of the passenger’s options clear to him and at all times clearly advised him that a refund would be issued.

“Ryanair wishes Mrs Johnston a speedy recovery and hopes to welcome the couple onto another Ryanair flight in the near future.”

It just shows that if you book a cheap flights airline then you are going to get a cheap service without the customer care that you would expect from other airlines.


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