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Ryanair Flight Cancellation Rights

Ryanair Cancellation Rights

Ryanair has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. With more than 2000 flights cancelled due to their mismanagement of pilot’s holidays, thousands of passengers have had their holidays ruined. In2town Travel Magazine has looked into the rights of Ryanair passengers who have had their flights cancelled.

If your Ryanair flight has been and your holiday has been ruined, then no amount of money will remove the stress and the heartbreak that has been caused. However, following rights to a Ryanair refund will at least help passengers who have had their flights cancelled get their money back.

Please note: The following information is only for those people that have had their Ryanair flights cancelled less than 14 days before their departure date. If your Ryanair flight has been cancelled between this time-period, then you will be entitled to compensation and your money back.

Ryanair Flight Cancellation Compensation

As mentioned, if your flight has been cancelled 14 days prior to your departure date then you are entitled to compensation.


Ryanair Refund or Alternative Flight

You have an option to ask for a refund or an alternative flight. There are some important points surrounding a refund or alternative flight.


1. Ryanair must inform the ticket holder of the next alternative flight.
2. The alternative flight being offered by Ryanair must be the same class of travel that was purchased when first making the booking.
3. You have the option to choose an alternative flight or to request a refund. Ryanair cannot pressure you into making a choice you are not happy with.
4. If you choose an alternative flight which is more expensive than the original booking then it is down to Ryanair to pay the difference. They cannot ask you for any more money.


What happens if you have a complaint with Ryanair

If you feel you have not been treated in the way that you expected, then the first step to take is to contact Ryanair customer services department to make a complaint.

If they respond and reject the complaint, or if they fail to respond to your complaint within eight weeks, then you can file a complaint with the AviationADR.

This is a free service which can be accessed by phoning 0203 540 8063 or by visiting AviationADR takes complaints very seriously, and if they rule in your favour, then the decision is binding.


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