Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ryanair Boss Michael OLeary To Sue Channel 4 Dispatches Programme

Ryanair was part of a shocking programme on air safety and how Ryanair pilots were concerned over the safety of their aircraft and the safety of their passengers by Channel 4 Dispatches, but even though the programme was well received by the viewers, there was one viewer who was not happy.

Michael O’Leary is angry about the Dispatches programme being aired without what he calls proper investigation and without his input.

The boss of Ryanair claims that he offered to give a full unedited interview for the programme but the bosses of Dispatches declined his offer.

‘Secrets from the Cockpit’ which featured anonymous Ryanair pilots was shocking to say the least. The pilots revealed how worried they were about the safety of their aircraft and how worried they were about passenger safety as well as their worries over fuel polices.

Ryanair have said they plan to se Channel 4 for defamation and have said the programme was unfair, unbalanced and inaccurate, the low cost airline have claimed the programme is trying to discredit the airline.

No matter if Ryanair take Channel 4 to court and if they win or lose one thing is for sure, the low cost airline could see the number of passengers drop after the shocking programme.

By James Gibbs


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