EasyJet Plane Was Forced To Land At Stansted Airport Over Security Scare

Police Boarded Easyjet Plane At Stansted Airport Over Security Scare

An Easyjet aircraft traveling from Hamburg in Germany to Luton carrying 151 passengers and six crew was forced to land at Stansted Airport over a security alert.

The flight landed at Stansted Airport at 17.30 BST where it was met by police who boarded the aircraft.

The spokesman for Essex Police said they were alerted to a potential security threat but cleared the incident at 19:00 with the help of the Border Force. According to the spokesman, no passengers were escorted off the easyjet Aircraft.

According to a spokesman for Easyjet, the aircraft landed at Stansted Airport as a precautionary measure, the spokesman also said they would like to apologize for any inconvenience that has been caused to its passengers.

According to John Hobbs-Morris, a passenger on board the Easyjet aircraft, one of the passengers who belonged to a youth football team had his passport taken, the boy was led away but later returned.