Air Passenger Duty Tax Will Cost Jobs Says Ryanair Boss

Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary who this week announced shocking news over their plans to charge £100 a bag at check in has said the government increase in Air Passenger Duty will cause loss of jobs for airlines.

The government who ignored calls from airlines to drop the idea of the increase have gone ahead and increased the airline tax which is going to cause misery for thousands of passengers and according to airline bosses is going to cause airlines to make staff redundant.

It seems the government do not have a clue of how to run the country, David Cameron who promised the earth seems to be looking out for the rich and ignoring the poor and yet again it is the poor who will suffer with this increased tax.

Carolyn McCall from easyjet is shocked at the increase and has echoed Ryanair Michael O’Leary calls for the government to rethink the increase.

According to the Sun, Carolyn McCall from easyJet, Willie Walsh from BA owner IAG, Michael O’Leary from Ryanair and Steve Ridgway from Virgin Atlantic jointly said: “APD is a self-defeating tax that pays for no environmental benefits, chokes off economic activity and cuts jobs.

“Only the UK holds back its own economic recovery with a tax of this nature. APD must go.”

They added that airlines’ entry into the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) tomorrow highlighted the injustice of APD as a supposed green tax.

“The reality is that no APD revenue has ever been spent on environmental benefit,” said the four.

“In contrast, ETS means that all future growth in European aviation will be carbon-neutral, and provides an incentive for further reductions in emissions.”

iN2TOWN Lifestyle Magazine spokeswoman Diane Walker said: “The government are making it harder for people to enjoy cheap holidays, with the increased charges it will stop a lot of people from enjoying short breaks as well as family holidays.”