Zoupons Free Shopping App Transforms the Way Coupons, Gift Cards, Deal Cards Are Used


Americans save billions of dollars each year thanks to coupons – and nearly 50 million people in the United States use online coupons. Those numbers are sure to rise, thanks to the newest innovation to the world of mobile deals: Zoupons.

With Zoupons, gone are the days of clipping or printing out coupons and reaching for them in one’s pocket, only to realize that they’re nowhere to be found. Gone, too, are the days of being charged a monthly inactivity fee for not using a gift card that has turned up missing.

Now, paying for merchandise and services at businesses in southern California is as easy as using the Zoupons app on a smartphone to redeem a deal card, gift card, or coupon. Once a smartphone user has downloaded the Zoupons app and created an account, they can easily search for business in their area that uses Zoupons, buy a deal card or gift card, and redeem it at checkout. Customers can also be among the first to learn of hot new deals at their favorite outlets.

As an added bonus, people can send a gift card to friends and relatives using their mobile phone. They can even choose a specific date on which the gift card can be sent. A personal message can also be included with an electronic gift card. These are just some of the great features that make Zoupons stand out in the world of mobile couponing.

Customers aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits of Zoupons. Businesses benefit from the ease of use; instead of having to swipe a credit card or count change, a customer can easily pay by showing their phone and having the QR code scanned. A company can also send either public coupons, which are available to all Zoupons users, or private coupons, which go to individual customers. It’s also easy for merchants to keep track of each individual customer’s favorite products, manage orders, and send invoices when needed. What’s more, there’s no limit to how many deals can be offered through Zoupons; businesses have complete control over the deals they offer.

Customers and businesses can learn about and sign up for Zoupons at www.zoupons.com or via the Zoupons mobile app.