Your Leadership EDGE Book Which Enhances Leadership Capabilities Now Available for Pre-Order


To help managers and leaders become effective stewards of their organization’s success, business leader and author Ravinder Tulsiani is delighted to announce the release of Your Leadership EDGE, a comprehensive guide to leadership that will enhance every leader’s ability to make things happen.

Your Leadership EDGE, the book that improves leadership qualities is available for pre-order ( Leadership is an essential element of the success of any business or organization. It can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving, or between growing or failing. Put simply, every organization depends on quality leaders.

To celebrate the launch of Your Leadership EDGE, Tulsiani is also pleased to offer pre-sale exclusives to customers who order the book online at before its official launch date. For just $25, customers can receive one hard copy of Your Leadership EDGE plus two e-books. For $50, customers will receive two books, three e-books, and an audio version of Your Leadership EDGE. Other special offers are available for leaders who want to help their colleagues and connections develop and enhance their own leadership abilities.

Your Leadership EDGE covers a variety of topics relevant to today’s leaders and the challenges they face – many of which aren’t adequately addressed in other leadership and management books. These include empowering people, gathering and using information, managing change, improving processes, and helping employees become owners of an organization’s success.

The idea for Your Leadership EDGE came in early 2000, when Tulsiani began training new employees at a call center. He soon found that many members of his staff became disengaged from their work just months after joining the company. That ended up hurting customer service performance, employee retention, and the bottom line.

“I quickly started training department managers on how to become more approachable and encourage higher employee engagement,” said Tulsiani. He soon found success: Morale and engagement increased; the company’s bottom line improved; and the company went from having the worst customer service score in the industry to having the third-best.

His success at his company led Tulsiani to conduct seminars and online trainings and write books and blog articles about leadership. As he continued to build his credentials over the years, he has compiled his strategies and tactics into a four-step program called E.D.G.E.

“Your Leadership Edge will introduce you to this model to help you assess and develop the key leadership competencies you need to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization,” says Tulsiani.

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