X Factor Simon Cowell Drops Sam Bailey From Record Label

Simon Cowell Drops Sam Bailey

Simon Cowell has done something that he has wanted to do since the day that Sam Bailey won the X Factor in 2013, and that was to drop her. Today, we can reveal that Simon Cowell has this week dropped Sam Bailey from his label, which to be honest was no great surprise.


Simon Cowell Drops Sam Bailey
Simon Cowell Drops Sam Bailey

The X Factor boss, whose only real success story with the X Factor are One Direction and Olly Murs. The rest of the winners are either popping up in reality shows or a pantomime near you.


Fans have turned to Twitter to show their anger against Simon Cowell, whose acts last a little longer than his relationships. However, Sam Bailey has said she is happy and has thanked fans for their support. The popular and talented singer has said she has many exciting plans ahead.

Sam Bailey has revealed she is going straight into the studio to write her next album, and as one fan remarked, justice would be her new album knocking One Direction off the number one spot.



The singer told her fans on Twitter: “I’m really grateful for everything X Factor has done for me.


“I’m going straight into the studio to write after the tour.

“I would also maybe like to get into acting and I would love to do Strictly Come Dancing.”


She added: “I’m happy I got my house extension – that’s what I entered the competition for.”


So, it seems people who are thinking of entering the X Factor competition need to look at how long previous winners have lasted under Simon Cowell, and if any of his relationships have lasted longer.


On the positive side for Simon Cowell, while he is treating his acts like a piece of meat and breaking their hearts, at least he is making lots of money.