What Are The Foods That Have The Highest Vitamin C Concentration


If there is any nutrient we cannot do without then it is vitamin C. In many ways it is one of the most important nutrients needed by body daily, right from early childhood to the day we die. It is no wonder that there is constant demand for vitamin C supplements the world over.

This naturally occurring nutrient is a known protector against viruses especially for cold and the flu. But it does much more than that for the human body. It aids in rebuilding of tissues, bones and cartilage along with blood vessels. The powerful antioxidant properties help in faster recovery from injuries and ailments, making the immune system stronger.  If there is one vitamin we cannot do without it is vitamin C

A look at the top 10 foods high in Vitamin C:

  1. Peppers: There are two ways we look at pepper. Color and taste when it comes to bell peppers, and exotic hot spice and flavor when it comes to chili peppers. The red, yellow and orange bell peppers and their green cousin the capsicum are power packed with vitamin C, though the yellow contains the highest percentage of the nutrient. They are also high in beta-carotene. The red and green hot chili peppers are excellent way to add flavors to any dish and as a bonus they pack in loads of vitamin C for us. Just half a cup of chopped red chili pepper provides 108mg while the same amount of green chilies provides a whopping 181.88mg.
  1. Guavas: Known as one of the exotic super foods, guava ranks quite high in the top 10 foods high in Vitamin C. It is tasty but not sweet which makes it great for diabetics as well. It is very high in vitamin C and just one will give you over 250 mg of the nutrient. This tropical fruit is also full of folic acid, dietary fibers and other essential minerals.
  1. Herbs: Both dried and fresh herbs are great sources of vitamin C. Their versatility makes them popular the word over and now that you know how good they are for your health don’t forget to sprinkle some on a daily basis. While thyme and parsley are good herbs to begin with you can also get loads of vitamin C from chives, cilantro as well as basil.

  1. Dark Leafy Greens: Dark leafy greens are great for a whole lot of things and most of all very rich in vitamin C. Greens like kale, mustard greens and garden cress are especially important. But you will also get loads of vitamin C and other nutrients from turnip greens and chards.
  1. Vegetables: Veggies means good health but when you choose vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts you will get the goodness of all nutrients along with a healthy dose of vitamin C. broccoli is the raw form, slightly tossed, steamed or cooked are all good sources for this vitamin along with its close cousin the tasty cauliflower. And whether you hate Brussels sprouts or not you cannot deny how much it will benefit you in the long run. All three are nutritious, fibrous and act as great detox agents.
  1. Kiwi: Very few foods have more vitamin C than orange – this is why kiwi is so popular today. For those who are not too fond of orange can now opt for the kiwi fruits which are also called Chinese Gooseberries in some parts of the world. They are great additions to salads both in taste and look and also make great desserts that are as tasty as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  1. Papayas: Whether you have them as smoothies or sliced into your salad, papayas will make up for your daily vitamin C needs 100%. Along with this they are also rich in vitamins A and B9 which make it one of the healthiest foods to have.
  1. Citrus Fruits: The moment we think of vitamin C we think of citrus foods. There are best sources of vitamin C. The most well know are oranges, tangerines, limes and lemons but you will also get lots of vitamin C from grapefruits as well.
  1. Strawberries: Strawberries are among the most prestigious and perhaps tastiest fruits available to us. You can have them raw or as part of dessert, with whipped cream or champagne and with every accompaniment they taste fabulous. These berries are loaded with Vitamin C and they also pack powerful antioxidants and fibers in high amounts. An interesting fat about the strawberry is that botanists do not consider the strawberry to be a real fruit as it has its seeds on the outside. To qualify as a ‘proper’ fruit the seeds must be on the inside – cut a strawberry in half and you notice that is no seeds inside.
  1. Tomatoes: They are essential ingredients to many dishes for taste and color. Tomatoes have a universal appeal and are very good sources of vitamin C. For better concentration of the nutrient try the sun-dried variety. A little known fact about the tomato is that it was first discovered and grown in America.

Choose from these top 10 foods high in Vitamin C to get the most benefits out of your daily diet.