Weston-Super-Mare – Divorce Hotspot


Just last month, the Ministry of Justice published a brand new list, one which totted up the totals and named the top ten areas in the United Kingdom. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that great, after all – it was actually listing the areas in which the most divorces took place, over the course of 2012.


The list only took into account areas outside of Greater London – because London is such a densely populated area, the findings were bound to skew the results somewhat – and provides some rather fascinating insight into the current divorce culture of the country. It also contained a couple of shockers, and can even be used as a bit of a guide for any of those who are currently all loved-up, as it is a neat little list of places not to move to!


Weston-Super-Mare – Couples’ Dream Come True or Divorce Nightmare?

In the report, titled The Price of Separation, Birmingham came out on top, making it the divorce capital of the UK. This was perhaps a somewhat unsurprising result, and was even predicted by some, for the simple reason that, outside of London, Birmingham is the single most highly populated area in the country. And with more than a million inhabitants, 2799 divorces doesn’t seem quite so out of the ordinary.


However, the real surprise lay in the number two spot – the sleepy seaside resort town of Weston-Super-Mare. Yes, Weston, with its paltry population of around 80,000 people, was somehow home to 2437 divorces – only about 300 fewer than Birmingham!


So how on Earth did this happen? Are coastal resort towns some sort of marriage Kryptonite? The answer is surprising, but actually sort of mundane – the Swindon-based online divorce company, Divorce-Online (clever name, we’re sure you’ll agree) uses Weston-Super-Mare County Court to process its divorce filings.


The home of John Cleese (divorced three times already), Weston’s courts only saw about 8 per cent of this figure having originated in the town, or less than 200. This means that the remaining 2200 or so came via Divorce-Online – so Weston-Super-Mare isn’t so bad, after all!


What to Do for Your Divorce

If you are looking to get a divorce, then all this means is that Weston-Super-Mare is not your equivalent of Gretna Green; you’ll just have to do it like everybody else.


Firstly, you have to make sure you hire a divorce lawyer. This will be your first wise step – choosing any old lawyer would be like selecting a chiropodist to perform your triple heart bypass. A divorce lawyer is specialised, and as such knows what they’re doing. If you want to make sure you’re getting a good one, ask around: they should all offer a free consultation; use this to find out their track record.


If you’d rather not take the “going to court” route, your best bet is to try and settle things between the two of you. You can save a lot of time, money and hassle if you are able to be civil enough to meet up and talk calmly about the next step – the lawyers won’t even have to get involved.