Weight Loss Tips Report Claims To Find The Answer To Weight Loss


Obesity is a serious issue in the UK with more and more adults become overweight and obese. According to a recent report more than 40 per cent of the UK population will be obese by 2030 which means something needs to be done now to tackle the problem.

The diet industry is raking in a fortune with their weight loss tips and diet food and weight loss products but do they really work? According to experts the answer is no but still these weight loss tips are making the journey into people’s homes at a cost.

Experts have said that diets do not work and have warned people who are buying weight loss tips and weight loss products that they need to be careful. The experts have explained that diets can actually put weight on you so if diets do not work what can help you.

Well according to some experts, Hypno Band can help you to lose weight while other experts believe you need to eat sensibly to lose weight.

One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to weight loss is they try to lose weight by eating too little or even worse than that they believe some weight loss tips that tells them to skip meals, this is not true and if you eat too little or miss meals then this can actually put more weight on you.

A new study, published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association looked at this very subject,

Researchers at Marywood University in Pennsylvania decided they would watch a group of people for a year, looking at information collected from two large studies. One looked at the eating habits of people who were overweight to obese, and the other looked at the eating habits of adults who were normal weight, about half of whom had lost weight and maintained their weight loss for more than five years.

What they found was that on average people who were at their healthy weight were eating three meals a day and about two snacks a day and overweight people ate three meals a day and one snack.

The study found that people who ate more often lost the most weight. This may sound strange but according to the report, snacking or eating more often can help you to lose weight. By snacking you are stopping yourself from becoming hungry and you are allowing your body to work extra which uses calories, hence you are using more calories and losing weight.

So basically according to the report, if we eat more often while eating sensible and eating less calories then we can lose more weight than if we were eating less meals a day, sounds strange but according to the report it is true.

What the reports wants to make clear is, the three meals a day must be healthy meals and the snacks must be healthy snacks.