Weight Loss in Phuket Thailand Helps People All Over The World Beat The Obesity Battle


Obesity has become a serious problem around the world, affecting men, women and children, generating headlines in newspapers nearly every day of the week. In America there are over 35 percent of adults who are obese, in the United Kingdom there are over 26 percent and the rest of the world are not far behind. Thanks to Phuket, there could now be a serious way to beat the obesity battle and come out the other end slimmer and healthier.


There have been many celebrity led diets and weight loss schemes, claiming they can help make people slim, however not many results have been seen by these diets and men and women wishing to lose weight have been fearing there is no solution to the obesity problem.

The Thailand based resort, PhuketFit, which has been featured positively in a large number of newspapers, has brought fresh hope to men and women who want to lose weight and become slimmer and beat the obesity health issues that can reduce a person’s life span. Since the great reviews were published of how PhukeFit is helping people to lose weight, word has spread and now more people from around the world want to visit Thailand, PhukeFit and become slimmer and healthier.


Richard Montague, 33 from the UK, commented, “With the support here [PhuketFit] I’ve been able to change bad habits which have kept me struggling with obesity for so long. The training and weight loss dieting has already helped me lose 9 kilos of fat and this is only day 20! I hope to have lost 15 kilos by the end of my program.”


“As much as 17 kilos have been lost within 28 days on this program,” a PhuketFit team member tells us.


The weight loss course in Thailand does not finish once you have left Thailand, you and your body will continue to benfoet from your trip where you will learn everything you need to beat the obeity problem


To learn more about losing weight in Thailand please visit : http://www.phuketfit.com/weight-loss and take your first step to becoming the real healthy you.