Two Year Old Boy Has Gastric Band Surgery


A two year old boy who weight more than five stone has become the youngest person in the world to undergo Gastric Band Surgery.

The two year old hit the newspapers of the world after it was revealed his weight got out of control and by the time he was two, he had become one of the heaviest children of his age in the world.

His parents begged for help as they were worried his obesity would kill him. The parents were worried about his health and his sleep problems which were all related to him being obese.

Due to his health problems which included sleep apnea, which caused the two year old to stop breathing while asleep, Doctors decided they would carry out gastric band surgery to help shrink the child’s stomach.

Gastric Band Surgery which helps shrink the stomach by having a gastric band at the top part of the stomach to reduce food intake, is a dangerous operation where people have died through the procedure, it is also a procedure that has caused patients who have had the weight loss surgery to have complications.

Doctors felt they had no other option than to perform the surgery but health professionals from around the world have called the case shocking.

Health professionals around the world have asked why the child was allowed to get so big, why Doctors had not taken any other action before it became to late, this has been echoed by UK health experts  who have said the weight loss operation on the two year old should not become a regular event on other children.

By Diane Walker