Top Tips When It Comes To Insuring Your Caravan


Whether your caravan is your home or your home-away-from-home it makes a lot of sense to protect your investment with a flexible, affordable and reliable insurance policy. NRMA provides two specific caravan insurance products: On-site Caravan Insurance and Touring Caravan Insurance. Both policies have a range of coverage options and limits to suit your needs and ensure that your caravan will be there when you need it.


Both of these policies provide coverage for the broadest possible range of incidents and related costs including:
• Accidental Damage
• Fire, flood, storm, theft and vandalism or other malicious acts
• Liability and legal representation as a result of claims against you or an authorised user
• Storage, towing, emergency repairs and temporary accommodation
• Loss or damage of contents including food spoilage
• New caravan replacement for caravans less than two years old or agreed value for older models.

If your caravan spends most of its time in a fixed location you should investigate the On-site Caravan Insurance policy. In addition to the above coverage, annexes and associated contents can also be covered and contents cover can be extended up to $40,000. If your on-site caravan is untenable as a result of the incident you will receive cover for temporary accommodation up to a generous limit and also storage costs for the caravan, attachments and modifications and contents while the caravan is returned to liveable condition or replaced. There are a number of other coverage options and you should read through the Product Disclosure Statement for details.


If your caravan is used for travel then you should look at Touring Caravan Insurance. This policy provides coverage as listed above with options to increase contents cover up to $10,000 and also provides coverage for annexes. There is additional cover for temporary accommodation, assuming you are more than 100 kilometres from home. The policy will also pay for towing to an approved repairer or place of safety.

Both policies will enable you to be reimbursed for emergency repairs but as with all insurances you must keep all documentation to support your claim including receipts and police reports.

In addition to the coverage discussed above NRMA has a 24-hour assistance hot-line that you can call to make a claim and get assistance with any issues relating to your policy. You should keep this number handy in several locations to make sure you can get it when you need it.

Be aware that contents cover may not protect you from loss of certain items or types of items, all of which are clearly identified in the Product Disclosure Statement, and where you keep such items in your caravan you should seek alternate cover as necessary. The golden rule is always read the Product Disclosure Statement to find out what is included and what is not.

The expected premium will vary depending on the use, location and age of your caravan and you should get a quote from NRMA (you can do this on-line) to establish the cost, coverage and limits of your policy.

Once again, as with any insurance policy you must carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement to identify what is included and excluded and relevant limits (how much will be paid). If you have concerns don’t hesitate to call and ask questions to clarify any points of confusion.