Thomas Cook Group To Sell Off Thomas Cook Airline


Thomas Cook has shocked travel experts with the news they are looking to sell the airline part of their business. Business expert have called the news a huge mistake and believe it will make their holidays more expensive.


At the present moment there are only two main high street holiday companies, Thomson and Thomas Cook, however, if Thomas Cook sell their airline business then this would reduce their foothold on the holiday market.

Talks are going ahead over the idea and already Thomas Cook is looking for a buyer. They have spoken to a number of rival flight companies over the idea of buying their Thomas Cook airline, but at the moment no deal has been made.

Thomas Cook has refused to deny or admit to the news they are set to get rid of their airline, but according to sources from inside the company, the airline could be sold within the next few months.

If Thomas Cook does sell off their flight business, then this could make their holidays more expensive and force them to rely on Thomson and Jet2. By relying on another airline, this could result in Thomas Cook losing a large portion of their customers to rival travel agents, making Thomson the main High Street travel agent