What To Think About When It Comes To Car Safety


The most important things about motor vehicle safety for children. When a baby is born, it is the obligation of the parents to ensure the safety of the baby in every possible way. Protecting the baby from diseases, physical injury and any other thing that can endanger the baby’s life is the primary goal of each parent. When it comes to protecting the child from physical injury, the leading cause of children’s unintentional injury and death are the motor vehicle accidents and crashes.


Child safety in vehicles has become quite a problem in modern times. While there are certain protective methods which are to be used when driving children in the car, most parents dismiss these methods, or use them improperly. Children’s bodies are frail and not as durable as the bodies of grown-ups and, as such, can withstand much less physical injury. Some minor injuries for grown-ups can be a serious injury for the child. This is why there are certain child safety regulations and rules to help protect your child while in a vehicle.

As was said above these regulations are usually not followed correctly by the parents, and in some cases, they are even dismissed. While the penalties for driving an unrestrained child in your car are extremely high (and rightly so), there are parents who think that they just cannot be bothered with it. This kind of behavior can put children in high-risk situations in which they can even lose their lives. These situations may include:

Not using the child safety restraints, or their improper use – as children have smaller built than grown-ups, it is only natural that ordinary safety belts do not apply to them. The especially risky group for this is the age group of 4 to 8 years old, as they have outgrown baby safety seats, but are too small to fit the ordinary safety belts. This means that these children need to use booster seats in order to be able to fit the safety belts. Only about six percent of children in this age group are properly restrained.

Using or installing the child safety seats improperly – most people think that their child safety seats are properly installed and that they are using them in the right manner.  However, research conducted by SAFE KIDS shows that stunning 84 percent of people are wrong in their assumptions. Installing a child safety seat improperly can lead to fatal injuries for the child. This is why it is very important to check your car’s manual and see how the child safety seat should be implemented.

Placing the children to ride in front of the airbag systems – the airbag systems have been developed to save lives of the adults that are involved in a car accident. However, when talking about children, the airbags are also a possible way of car related injury and even death. This is because of the frailness of the children’s bodies. They cannot withstand such impacts (and they are strong, since the airbags inflate at about 200 miles per second), and should never be placed too close to an airbag.

Riding in the cargo area of trucks – this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. The risk of a child dying in a car accident is increased ten times if the child is riding in the back of the cargo truck. Not only that the child can be thrown out of the cargo area with great force should a crash happen, but also, in covered cargo areas, there are poisonous fumes which are emitted from the exhaust of the car.

If it has happened that your child has suffered an injury of any degree in a car accident, there is the possibility of obtaining a compensation for the injury that will cover the medical expenses. The injured party always has a possibility to file a claim for their statutory right to compensation. It is best to consult a lawyer or a law firm which deals in these kinds of claims for legal advice on the matter, since they will know the best way to instruct you on what to do. Some of my suggestion of great, professional personal injury lawyers are David Marocchi from Australia, Peter Mulhern from UK and from US Michael Ehline.

The risks connected to improperly maintaining your child’s safety while driving are very serious. When your child is not properly restrained while driving, and an accident occurs, the injuries suffered by the child prove fatal in most of the cases because of their frail bodies. This is why it is very important to properly install and maintain the child safety mechanisms for your car, in order to insure that your child reaches the intended destination in the best possible health.