The Whiteboard Store Launch Mobile Whiteboards From Just £89.99


A leading online retailer of whiteboards, The Whiteboard Store ( has become a prominent figure in the business and the educational world, providing whiteboards at low prices. Now with the announcement that mobile whiteboards are available from £89.99 with free delivery, the cost of whiteboards has become even more affordable.


Whiteboards have become an important part of the educational and business world, with nearly all the schools in the UK having a whiteboard, and now with businesses of all types buying them, they have shown what an important tool they have become. Things have changed since the days that whiteboards were seen as just a replacement for the old blackboard, now with their many uses, whiteboards are being used in businesses, hospitals, shopping centres and even the armed forces.


Mobile whiteboards have become an important part of the whiteboard family. Unlike the standard whiteboard, which is fixed to a wall, the mobile whiteboards allows people to move them from office to office, classroom to classroom or even take them with them to exhibitions. With the huge range of mobile whiteboards available, from just £89.99, they are allowing small businesses to be able to afford an important product.


A spokesman from the Whiteboard Store said: “Mobile whiteboards have become an important part of the business environment. From retails outlets using them to promote special offers, to business professional using them to pitch their ideas, mobile whiteboards have become a universal product.”


With the wide range of mobile whiteboards on offer, starting from just £89.99, which includes The Standard Presenter Whiteboard, consumers looking for a quality mobile whiteboard will have so many to choose from.


A spokesman from the Whiteboard Store explained that all whiteboards come with free delivery, allowing the consumer to save even more money. The website of the popular online whiteboard shop is user friendly, products are so easy to find and ordering a whiteboard can take just a few minutes.


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