The Whiteboard Store Announce Magnetic Whiteboards Have Just Got Cheaper


The whiteboard Store who have become the consumers choice for high quality whiteboards at low prices, have said schools and businesses are no longer just using whiteboards.


The Whiteboard Store who have become the leading online retailer of quality whiteboards at low prices, have said that more parents and students are now buying Magnetic Whiteboards for the home and for student accommodation.


When whiteboards first came out they were used mainly in schools to replace the blackboard and then they were used in the business environment, now due to their popularity, parents and students are now using them.


With students going back to school and to university, the Whiteboard Store has seen a huge rise in the number of whiteboards being ordered for personal use. Parents are using the Magnetic Whiteboard to improve their children’s education, while some parents are buying this type of whiteboard to keep their children entertained. Students are buying magnetic whiteboards for their studies and using the free delivery service to have them delivered to their university, which includes Manchester University, and Sheffield University.


The Magnetic Whiteboard has become very popular with the business world and consumer world for many different reasons, which include:


Cost Effective. One of the great things about Whiteboard Store Magnetic Whiteboards is the price. Starting from just £27.50, Magnetic Whiteboards have become a very popular type of whiteboard


Simple To Use. Magnetic Whiteboards are very easy to use.


Versatile. One of the great things about a magnetic whiteboard is its versatile use. They are very portable which means they can be moved from one rom to another.


No mess. Magnetic Whiteboards produce no mess or harmful allergenic dust.


Nursery schools and playgroups have chosen the Little Rainbows Mobile Magnetic Display Easel as their main Magnetic Whiteboard of choice. With the size of the board being ideal for children, it is not surprising why this whiteboard has become a huge seller for the online whiteboard shop with nursery schools and parents of young children.


The Whiteboard Store has become a huge favourite with businesses and consumers, looking for quality whiteboards at low prices. To learn more about Magnetic Whiteboards please visit