The Whiteboard Explains on the different uses of a Noticeboard


The Whiteboard, the premier supplier of whiteboards and noticeboards explains the many uses of a noticeboard and the different environments that a noticeboard can be used in, which includes hospitals, office, schools and within the home.


Below are some of the many uses that a noticeboard can be used for.


Promotions and Marketing


A lot of companies use a noticeboard to help promote a product or service. Retail stores use them to make customers aware of special offers they have at the present moment, while café’s and restaurants may use them to show what the special of the day is and what meals are on special offer.


Car showrooms use noticeboards to give more details about the cars that are on offer, giving the customer the information on engine size, power etc., to help entice them into a sale.


Noticeboards are a powerful marketing and promotion medium when put in the correct place for the customers to view them.


In Businesses:


Businesses use noticeboards for many different reasons, from putting them in the staff room to communicate to members of staff about holidays, health and safety as well as targets that should be met.


Noticeboards are also used in a sales environment, in a call centre are used to keep staff up to date with details of the campaign they are currently working on and to keep records of targets met by each sales person.


A noticeboard has become a very important business tool for small and large businesses.


At Home:


A noticeboard is very popular within the home environment. Many parents like to have a noticeboard to pin pictures that their children have made as well as important dates.  They are a very effective medium for keeping record of bills and things to do, making sure important appointments are not missed.




Hotels use noticeboard as a way of communicating with the hotel guest, depending on what type of hotel it is and what country it is in, they use them in different ways.


In the UK they are used for showing guest details of what to do in case of a fire as well as giving information on what tourist attractions are available, some hotels who offer entertainment will use them to show what acts are on for different nights of the weeks.


Noticeboards are a great way to communicate with people and for this reason they have become a very popular tool for businesses, schools, hospitals and even for the home. They come in different sizes and different colours, allowing the consumer to choose the right size and the right colour for their needs.


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By Diane Walker