The Portable Satellite Hotspot Says Good Bye To Bad Mobile Device Singles


One of the biggest problems with mobile phones is the strength of the signal, especially in built up areas or in an area that is out of range of cellular networks. Thanks to a new app, the days of weak signals and being unable to access the Internet or make calls are gone.


The Americans have been sending people into space for many years now, and soon there will be cars on the road that will drive themselves, but for some reason, trying to get a good signal with a mobile phone or other portable devices can be a serious problem.  Now thanks to Iridium GO!(TM) which is available at, that problem is a thing of the past.


Iridium GO!(TM) is the first pocket sized portable satellite hotspot that connects to any smartphone or tablet including the iPad, and allows the user to increase their mobile device signal. According to the people at, by using the app the days of bad signals and struggling to get on the Internet is yesterday’s news.


The Iridium GO! (TM) creates a satellite-backed Wi-Fi zone that can be used anywhere in the world. It provides such a strong signal it allows up to five smartphones to operate where they can make calls and access the Internet. It has received great reviews from gadget experts. No longer do business people have to worry about missing calls or being unable to check their emails on their smartphone, with the clever satellite-backed Wi-Fi zone they never have to worry about missing important business updates.


This important app will give people peace of mind, allowing them to know if they need to make an SOS call they do not have to worry about a weak signal. The Iridium GO! (TM) is an important app that every smartphone user should have according to some technology experts.


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