Many Cancer patients today search for an alternative to Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, but are simply lost in the numerous alternative Cancer Treatments available.  The Natural Cancer Handbook aims to tackle the issues around the different treatments available to give people a better understanding.


The new Natural Cancer Handbook is written by Johanna Schippe, a Medical specialist that has worked for 5 years researching cancer, and by Frank van der Lug, who has a Bachelor of Science in Biology. The handbook that consists of a total of 498 pages and covers more than 50 reliable alternative cancer treatments is on sale and costs only $34.95. (

Many people today who fight cancer find that the standard Cancer treatments are not only expensive, but have multiple side-effects that weaken the body and may not have positive results as expected. Since patients usually have no time to lose in trying different therapies, the best and the most effective alternative cancer treatments are compiled in the new Natural Cancer Handbook. This new book, which has received rave reviews, will answer all questions and worries on the available therapies and treatments. 



The reader will find the answers of questions like where they can obtain a particular alternative cancer treatment, how this treatment works, does it have any side effects, what’s its price and much more. The book examines over 50 alternative cancer therapies that have been successful over the last century. Additionally, the readers will find out that all these treatments are much cheaper compared to the standard Cancer treatments. Since these are Natural treatments, most of them can be applied together with traditional treatment, if that is preferred by the patient.



The alternative cancer treatments have multiple advantages over conventional ones, as many of them have no or little side effects, they can improve the quality of patient’s life and improve the health of the whole body. Many of these alternative treatments are low cost, and others may be completely free, as some people may find the verbs needed growing in their back yards.


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