Take Action Against Child Obesity Says Weight Loss Expert


Geoff Tims, a Gastric Band Hypnotherapy writer says parents need to take action now to stop their children suffering through obesity.


According to research one third of children are now obese or overweight and if we do nothing about this serious health problem then by the year 2030 this will vastly increase.


The figures which should make any parent sit up and take notice and take action has revealed that a third of children are obese or overweight by the age of eleven which some experts in America has called it physical cruelty by parents and even some experts in America have said that parents should face criminal charges for allowing their children to become obese.


If these figures do not make parents sit up and take notice what they are doing to their children then the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert who works with adults and children, helping them to lose weight by retraining their mind and their eating habits by placing a virtual gastric band inside of the person who wants to lose weight then the following figure might shock them into asking for help or changing the way they feed their children.


19 per cent of children — aged ten and 11 — are obese, now this is shocking and should make parents rethink about the way they are feeding their children.


Geoff Tims believes the problem with obesity is poor eating habits, the health expert feels that children are loading up on junk food when they should be eating healthy.


“Because junk food is quick and easy to make, more and more parents are feeding junk food to their children, this is down to a number of reasons. One reason is some parents do not have time to cook a proper meal, another reason is down to laziness where the parent simply wants to make something quick and easy or they just want to grab something from McDonalds or other fast food outlets, but a major problem is education, some parents do not know about food and what the food they are giving to their children is doing to them.”


The health expert feels it is not just down to the parents, she also feels the government need to do their bit to sort the problem out.


Geoff Tims believes that we should teach about obesity and food in schools and even hold information classes for parents to allow them to learn about food and what types of food and cooking will help their children become healthy and slimmer.


He also would like to see a scheme brought into all schools where the dinner plate is smaller; this would allow our children to eat smaller portions and to learn about eating smaller portions and eating sensibly.


Geoff said: “By using smaller plates in schools it will teach our children about eating smaller portions and smaller portions means less calories.”


This obesity problem with children is like a knock on effect. According to research 82 per cent of obese children will then go on to be obese adults where they can then have their lives shortened through obesity health problems.


Geoff Tims said he would like to see the government and parents working together to tackle the obesity problem.


“Parents have to sit up and take notice, we have to understand that a children’s lifestyle has to change, parents have to understand by not helping their children eat healthily what the long term health consequences are. Children need to start eating healthy instead of stuffing themselves with snacks filled with fat, salt and sugar and they should cut down on fast food and junk foods.”


The Gastric Band Hypno Band expert feels that schools need to make more time for physical education lessons. The weight loss expert would like to see the government put more money into schools to allow children to have more P.E lessons and even start clubs after school where children can take part in sports.



  1. Provide your child with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products and explain about vegetables and make them fun to eat.
  2. Buy low fat milk and low fat dairy products,
  3. serve smaller portions, get your children use to eating smaller portions
  4. Choose lean meats, poultry and fish
  5. Encourage children to drink lots of water which can include flavored water
  6. If your child drinks coke then try and replace this for low sugar drinks
  7. Reduce the amount of sugar that your child eat,
  8. Go for walks with your child and help them to gain exercise
  9. Find time to go to the park and play sports including football or rounders
  10. Take your child swimming and get them to enjoy exercises, remember, exercising can be fun

If parents do nothing about obesity in their children then according to medical research they could be risking their children health with the following obesity health problems.

Heart disease, caused by:


  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Sleep apnea
  • Social discrimination

As Geoff Tims explains as well as health issues there are also social issues, an overweight child could become a victim of bullying.


“A child who is overweight could be more likely to become a victim of bullying and no parent wants that to happen, this is why it is important that we start to help our children and stop ignoring the obesity problem that is happening around us.”


Obesity has become a serious problem and a problem that we need to tackle. If we sort obesity out within our children then we can stop the rising obesity problem within adults and according to research in 2009, 30,000 people each year die from obesity related conditions and many of these deaths can be avoided if we tackle the obesity problem head on.



After getting rid of all the bad habits, hypnotherapy then works by making the person believe they have a real gastric band fitted inside of them which allows them to eat less and become full more quickly, hence, allowing them to lose weight.