Stop Smoking Hypnosis really works says Stop Smoking expert


Stop Smoking Hypnotist says you can give up smoking. A lot of people are now thinking about giving up smoking especially now that an average packet of cigarettes costs £5.50 and according to reports before the Conservatives sadly got into power, cigarettes within the next five years could go up to £10 a pack to convince people to give up their habit of smoking. So it is no winder that people are now turning to Stop Smoking Hypnosis in their battle to give up the fags, but does it really work.


So how does hypnotherapy help people to stop smoking? According to a Hypnotherapy expert, she says it is about retraining the mind. To make things simpler, the hypnotherapy expert explains if you retrain that brain and the thoughts of the brain, you can then encourage and retrain the brain to stop having cravings for cigarettes, hence you no longer feel that you need to have a cigarette to cop with stress or after a meal.


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy allows you to stop smoking and retrains the mind so you do not have cravings, irritability, mood swings or bad temper because you have given up smoking which can happen if you try to give up without using hypnotherapy.

One of the most frequent reasons why people who do not use hypnotherapy to give up smoking return to the fags is due to the cravings and will power. A lot of people fail because they do not have the will power to give up smoking and according to the survey the person who has given up smoking is encouraged to go back to the fags by their partners due to their mood swings and basically being hard to live with.

Hypnotherapy has provided an easier way to stop smoking. It works with the unconscious mind by giving it positive suggestions so that the mind can start the positive changes in behaviour pattern of the person. Research has proved that hypnotherapy is highly effective with smoking cessation, with a success rate of more than 66%. The success rate of other methods like Nicotine Replacement Products, behaviour therapy and trying to quit on your own came out to be 25%, 25% and 5% respectively.

The hypnotherapy session involves a meeting with a Hypnotherapist who puts the person into a hypnotic state and feeding suggestion to the subconscious like he is not a smoker and hates cigarettes. The cigarette smoke makes him ill and he has no cravings for nicotine. Many therapies are applied and smoking is paired with unpleasant experiences of the person. The subconscious thus repulses or signals to quit whenever the person is going to light a cigarette or involved in a smoking environment.

Hypnotherapy is successful in case of stopping smoking as it directly deals with the subconscious. The urge to light a cigarette and cravings for nicotine come from within so subconscious is the best place to stop the cravings before they become intense. Many times combining hypnosis with other stop smoking methods give last longing effects.