Stevi Ritchie Invites Simon Cowell To His Wedding


Stevi Ritchie the X Factor 2014 joke act who shocked fans by revealing he plans to release a single, has invited Simon Cowell to his wedding.


The singer, who was chosen by Cheryl as a wild card for Simon Cowell, has been dating Chloe Jasmine since the X Factor show ended, and now it seems it is becoming serious.
Stevi Ritchie when asked about his relationship with Chloe, said: “We are dating and are happy. She’s nuts but I like that because it is endearing.

“I know she loves me. She says she loves me.”

Although no official announcement has been made, Stevi has confirmed marriage is on the cards and he wants Simon Cowell and Cheryl there by his side.

“I’ve already thought of the venue – Highland Park in Chelmsford. It is about £20,000 so I’d better get saving.

“I don’t think there has ever been an X Factor wedding yet so who knows? This could be the first.”

The singer plans to put out a Chico style song and release it for a charity, although he has not said which record label will release the single.