Spartan Fitness Backs Research That Shows Obesity In Men Can Lead To Male Breast Cancer


Obesity has become a serious problem around the UK but now according to new research, men who are obese could be at risk of male breast cancer. Spartan Fitness the ultimate training regime that allows men and women to propel their way to fitness in the comfort of their own home are backing the claims and would like men to start exercising on a regular basis to avoid serious health issues.


The Male Breast Cancer Pooling Project gathered together data on the disease from studies conducted around the world.

The research found that obesity and several other physical and hormone-related traits were associated with increased breast cancer risk in men. The results of the report that was published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute, found the more weight men put on the bigger risk they have of developing breast cancer.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, from the Institute of Cancer Research in London – who led the UK arm of the study said: “This research brings together data from studies of male breast cancer from around the world to clarify risk factors that have been uncertain.

“The results suggest that men who are overweight may be at increased risk of male breast cancer.

“We know that body size can be related to hormone levels. Also, hormonal factors may be the reason why patients with Klinefelter syndrome, who have comparatively low levels of testosterone and high levels of oestrogen, have raised breast cancer risks compared with other men.

“Our results suggest the need to investigate further the role of sex hormones in causation of breast cancer in men.”

Spartan Fitness would like men to exercise on a regular basis to lose weight and become healthy, avoiding the serious obesity related issues that come with being overweight.

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