Sir Tom Jones Gets In Trouble Over BBC Voice Rubbish Talent Remark

Sir Tim Jones The Voice

Sir Tom Jones did a Prince Philip today at the launch for The Voice UK by making a comment without thinking about it first. The BBC was hoping the launch would help give the show some credibility and improve viewing figures, but instead the BBC Voice launch was all about Sir Tom Jones and his “s**t” talent remark.

Tom Jones1a

The BBC are hoping this years show will product some real talent with some saying if this years winner does not set the chart alight then it could be the end of The UK Voice show. However, it seems Sir Tom Jones may have already put a spanner in the works by remarking the talent on the show is Shit.

A reporter asked at the launch on what he thought about the talent on this year’s show. Sir Tom Jones jumped in to say Shit. This left presenters Emma Willis and Marvin Humes in fits of laughter, while Sir Tom Jones was trying to dig himself out of a hole.


He told reporters it was a joke. Luckily for the foot in mouth legend singer he had fellow judge Ricky Wilson on hand to help out. The Kaiser Chiefs singer said Tom would never make such a remark if he were not joking.

Although Sir Tom Jones was joking, it has left BBC Chiefs worried. Bosses of the show know they have not produced talent like the X Factor and know this years show could be their last chance to save the format.

The Voice UK starts on Saturday January 10th at 7pm on BBC One


By Diane Walker