Scotland Has A Serious Obesity Problem


Scotland Obesity Problem needs to be addressed. Obesity in the world has become a big problem but it seems according to a new report, Scotland could be the obesity capital of Europe.

According to a new report Scotland should forget about worrying about independence and should start worrying about their obesity problem with two thirds of adults in their forties being overweight.

New research by the Institute of Education at the University of London found that two thirds of men and women in their early forties were either overweight or were obese, this obesity problem is costing the NHS in Scotland a great deal of money.

The report found that more men in Scotland were overweight than women which does not surprise In2town Magazine as the diet industry is aimed more at helping women to lose weight than men.

According to the research, women were more likely to admit to being overweight while men were not so forthcoming and were less concerned with their weight than women were.

In2town recently found that the majority of people who went to supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda did not check on the sugar levels that was in the food they were buying, we also found that they did not look at the calories as they felt the could trust the food manufacturer as well as the supermarkets to sell them food that was not going to be unhealthy for them. Unfortunately, supermarkets and food manufactures do not put the consumer first when it comes to health and instead put their profits first.

Unless the governments of the world are going to come together then obesity is going to continue to grow and Scotland obesity problem will not go away and will continue to rise until more than half the country is overweight or obese.

By Diane Walker