Save Money On Cheap Flights


If you are fed up over not being able to find Cheap Package Holidays and Cheap Flights to Benidorm and other top holiday destinations then read out secrets on how to beat the High Street Travel Agents. Cheap Flights and Low Cost Holidays is what we all want but how many people actually know how to find Cheap Flights and Cheap Package Holidays? According to our Travel Magazine research, not many. There are to many holidaymakers out there who simply go to the High Street travel agent and take the first price they are given without even questioning the price and that has to stop. The ball is now in the court of the holiday maker and we show you how you can save money on your holidays and flights and find Cheap Flights to Benidorm from £55 and Cheap Flights and holidays to various destinations around the World.

In the old days before the internet we would go to our travel agents and book all our travel arrangements but since the internet, travel agents have seen their customer base reduce due to all the offers that are available online as well as people booking their own travel arrangements and building their own package holidays by booking their flights and hotels separate.

But even though everyone knows that the internet is out there, there are still a large number of people who do not consider using the internet to book their family holidays and still go down to their local travel agents and book their annual holiday, putting more money in the High Street travel agents tills when that money could be in your pocket.


What you have to understand is, the high street travel agents are charging you commission to use their services and by using the internet, you are cutting out the middle man and saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

The High Street travel agent should be your last point of call when booking your family holiday.

Follow these steps to save money on your travel arrangements

1.      Search the Internet for cheap flight tickets. See what prices they come up with. If you get a good price, for example £55 return inc Taxes to Benidorm then think to yourself, ‘Can I live with that price, is that price a good price or do I think I could get a better price’ If you are happy with the price then buy the ticket, if you are not happy with that price then go to step two.

2.      Have a look at the date that you want to fly on, the day you want to fly on can alter the price of the flight. For example, Friday, Saturday and with some airlines, Sunday is an expensive day to go on and by leaving it to a Monday you can save yourself money.

3.      If the price is still not low enough for you, have a look at which airport you are travelling from, it does matter as the prices does vary from Airport to Airport. For example, we have just returned from Australia and we were going to fly from Manchester Airport until we compared Manchester Airport to London Gatwick and we found the price difference shocking.

We found that if we went from Manchester Airport to Australia for three people, we would have to pay an extra £600 on the total flight cost. So we went from London Gatwick and used the money we had saved to stay in a hotel the night before and the rest for spending money in Australia. So if you do not mind travelling a little bit to save money on your plane tickets then please do check different airports to see the price difference.

4.      The time of your flight is also important. With some airlines, if you fly early morning or late at night, you will receive a lower flight cost compared to travelling during the day.

5.      Once you have done all this, then think is that price good enough, it should be but if you are still not happy with the price then go to your last resort, the Travel Agent. Speak to them and say to them you have a flight for this amount and ask them if they can beat the price, most of them will admit to you that they cannot and some if their sales figures are low will say they will match it and a very few may try and beat it by a few pounds, but you are more likely to get the best price online.

Remember, the money you save is better in your pocket than in a Travel Agents Pocket.

If you are still thinking that you would like to book your holiday through a travel agent such as First Choice and Thomas Cook then check their websites out first. Write down their prices and compare the holidays with other travel agents and once you have decided where you would like to go to, then get on the phone to your local travel agents and play them off against each other.

One thing you will have to remember, the price that you local travel agent such as First Choice give you, will be more expensive than the price you are shown on their First Choice website. This sounds stupid but even though they are the same company, the prices in the high street are always more expensive.

Tell the travel agent that you have searched online and you have seen a great price and you would like them to beat it, if they say that they cannot beat it but can match it, tell them that is no good to you as you need a travel agent to beat it and explain to them you will go elsewhere. It always helps to explain to them that you are also looking at booking another holiday that year at a later date. You may not be looking to book another holiday but it gets them thinking that they do not want to lose two lots of business so you may find them coming back with a better deal.

Remember, since the Internet came alive and since travel companies around the world are trying to grab your business, you are now in control and not the travel agent.