Robert Pattinson Says Being Famous Is Hard To Deal With



Robert Pattinson the star of Twilight has said he never asked to be famous and said all his success is down to luck but stressed that his fame is a stressful experience and very hard to deal with.

The Twilight actor who has always tried to shield his private life and keep away from celebrity parties admitted that he suffers from panic attacks when he has to go to public events to promote his new films.

Robert Pattinson said he did not understand how stressful being famous was but revealed that he is now starting to get to grips with being recognized all the time. The actor explained that he misses being able to do normal things such as going to supermarkets and walking down the street with his family and friends but said that he feels very lucky and would not change his life.

The Twilight star said he enjoys spending time on his own which is especially helpful as he said that in Los Angeles it is very hard to make friends.

A source has said that Robert Pattinson still misses Kristen Stewart although there is no chance of the couple getting back together. According to the source, Robert wishes that he could turn back time and make their relationship work as she was a huge part of his life.

Robert Pattinson who is not currently dating is now hoping to be seen as a serious adult actor and not the young actor from Twilight, he hopes with the films that he has got coming up that people will see him in a different light.

By Geoff Tims