Researchers Say weight loss may be simpler than you think


According to a recent study weight loss does not have to be as hard as it is if you stick by some simple rules according to researchers from New York University.

Researchers have claimed that it may not matter how much time you spend at the gym to lose weight or even how much you eat, according to the research keeping your weight loss plan a secret can help you to lose weight.

‘Weight Loss Is Not Hard Say Researchers’


According to the study people who are trying to lose weight talk too much about it. The study found that people spent too much time about diets and weight loss hypnotherapy and how much they exercise.

The researchers claim that if you talk too much about your weight loss goal then you may feel that you have reached your goal when you have not, especially if your friends are giving you false compliments and making you believe you have lost more weight than you have.


According to the report, it is important when choosing a fitness partner to go to the gym with that you choose the right one.


The research also claimed that losing weight would not be such a struggle if we kept our weight loss journey to ourselves and avoided temptation.


Do you think the research is right or do you think the research has been done by people who do not have a clue how hard it is to lose weight, let us know below?