Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Guidice Receives Open Letter From Prison Break Coach Allison T Moore


Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were shocked when Teresa Guidice was arrested and charged in her conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud case. With a 18 month prison sentence to look forward to, some fans have said the sentence is far too long.


No matter if the sentence is long or short, one thing is for sure. She could struggle behind bars and when she finally leaves prison, her life will change forever. One person who has been keeping a close eye on the trial is Allison T Moore, a well known Life Coach and Prison Break Coach (


The Prison Break Coach who works with people all over America has put together an open letter for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, to give her advice on what she can expect in prison and how to deal with prison life and make it a less harrowing experience.


We have decided to publish the open letter, which you can see below.


Open Letter to Teresa Giudice


Dear Teresa;


My name is Allison T. Moore, better known as ‘The Prison Break Coach’.  I have felt compelled to share with you ever since your conviction and recent sentencing.  I am a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey show YES, and watching the events unfold on television presented an earie resemblance to my own “prison experience” several years ago.  I listened to your words and how you described your thoughts and your feelings about what has happened and I can say that I believe I know exactly what you are going through. I see you smiling in your photos and remaining positive in interviews, but I also know the pain and fear of the unknown you are facing in private, behind the bedroom door when no one is watching.   I learned a lot before I went to prison for 18 months, during my prison sentence, and after my release.  I thought it would be helpful to share my truths, the myths and things you should know before January 5th.


  1. What other people think of you is NOT your business. Accept where you have been and where you are going without regrets.


  1. The day you walk into the prison you WILL quickly learn that the busyness of life with people on the outside will affect your connection while you are on the inside. Make a decision to be okay with it.The collect calls won’t get answered as quickly and the mail will slow down.


  1. Your career will be waiting for you when you are released. Stay focused on the things you desire for your life after this experience, NO thought of what you may or may not lose. You become what you think about.


  1. Your children are the most important. All they really need is to feel loved and accepted. They probably feel like no one understands what they are going through.  Instruct friends and family to keep talking about you in your absence.  People will be afraid to say your name or talk about you.  While they are affected by your experience, talking about you often CAN and WILL liberate them. Make no promises, just a constant flow of love and support, allow them to be honest about their feelings and share EVERYTHING. Remember!  This cannot be the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!


  1. Keep a journal. Share your experiences, your thoughts and your feelings. Writing is very therapeutic and it will allow you to share things you cannot verbalize. Prison can be isolating and traumatic, but giving yourself permission to express yourself during the process will alleviate the burden of keeping it in.


  1. Get used to pooping in front of people and Walk often. The ramen noodles, tuna buna and chi chi’s can pack on the pounds; and YES, Orange IS the new Black!


  1. You CAN make friends in prison. Despite the myths, you can and will meet women who you connect with and will remain friends with. Be open to friendships in prison. When you are on the inside, they become your reality of connection. You will realize you are all the same and want the same things.


  1. Be yourself. On the outside we often wear masks. We become the person we believe others want us to be. Use this time to reveal your authentic self.  On the inside your life becomes simple. Small things are important.  No one to impress.  No hair or nail appointments to maintain. You appreciate the gift of life and freedom that we often take for granted.


  1. Let it go! All of it. You MUST eat, sleep and breathe The Serenity Prayer. You cannot worry about what anyone is doing on the outside. You have no control. Kindly ask those that you are connected to NOT to share with you.  Trust me.  No matter how small, lockup is nothing but time to think and ponder all day long and worry about the things happening while you are gone.


  1. When this is over you can move beyond your past and re-create an extraordinary life. I AM living proof! With acceptance and determination, this too shall pass and so will all the negativity surrounding it.


If you need any assistance during this time I would be happy to be your coach and help you experience the ‘Prison Break’ you deserve!


Continued Blessings

Allison T Moore