Powerful Tools For Managing The Leading Stress Causes Can Make All The Difference



Although there are multiple causes for stress these days, a number of factors are considered by the researchers as leading stress causes. Knowing more about these major factors will help people take the appropriate action to eradicate the problem from the root.


Stress, especially in its consistent form, can reduce people’s life by 10 years and can lead to various diseases and complications. Therefore, stress is a condition that cannot be underestimated any longer by anyone, who would like to live a long, prosperous and healthy life.


Here are the top 5 causes of consistent stress that are considered to be our silent killers and make us feel depressed, miserable and sick:


  • Career and finances – both of these are closely tied. People are worry about many job related issues, such as getting good job environment, overwhelming responsibilities, work conditions, high demands, job change, and so forth. On the other hand, finances are pointed the leading cause of stress in multiple studies. People feel stress when they do not have enough money to make some major purchases like a car or home, or when they endure bankruptcy. Both of these factors lead to stressful lifestyle that often affects the family life, too.


  • Family Life – some people don’t realize that their families can also trigger stress. This is especially valid in case of the children marry or move out, parent divorce, pregnancy, abortion, sickness of a family member, adoption and even relocation.


  • Health – personal health can be a major stress factor for most of the people. Some health issues like obesity, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking or serious and prolonged health condition can lead to a high level of stress.


  • Personal relationships that include dating, friendship, divorce, marriage, re-marriage, etc. can cause significant stress not only to the directly concerned people, but also to their close relatives.


  • Death in all of its forms is the most wrenching factor for stress. The most overwhelming stress is considered the loss of a child, close friend or loved one. Even pet’s death can cause stress.


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