Parents Are Now Making Money From Home Through The Dakomoda Direct Sales Children’s Fashion Company


Dakomoda and David Kohina, Founder and President, are pleased to announce the launch of their revolutionary children’s clothing company. The firm markets person-to-person, making this concept a fantastic home business opportunity for stay-at-home parents or for full time entrepreneurs. Unlike other companies in the direct selling venue, Dakomoda offers total marketing freedom to sell as desired.

According to a company representative, “You can dress your kids for free, make a supplementary income from home, or a full time income if desired. The Preferred Customer program allows you to sign up for free and obtain ten percent savings on purchases. A free personal website is granted. There is an automatic enrollment into the Refer A Friend Program.”

There is $10 of Dakomoda Reward dollars for each new customer referred, as well as a five percent affiliate bonus, which can be used to obtain free clothing. No other company in the industry offers such benefits to customers.

Dakomoda is built on a three-point vision: the finest fabrics and materials are combined with expert workmanship to create superior quality children’s clothing that is attractive, durable, and fashionable. Business is conducted via an on-line sales platform that helps to keep costs low, so the clothing available to all children, regardless of their economic status. The vision is shared with others through a direct sales model, allowing distributors the opportunity to build a flexible business of their own based on their personal goals.

Learn more about Dakomoda children’s luxury clothing by visiting the web pages at today.