Parenting Techniques That Encourage Good Behavior


Parenting is a skill that is polished each day in a parent’s life. Dealing with different children in the family may require different set of skills and handling them deftly is the key to good parenting. There are several rules that need to be followed while dealing with young minds and they make a lot of difference during the impressionable years of a child. So it is a path of fire that parents need to tread carefully in order to take it in the positive direction. A wrong move can cause a scar for life.


Parenting Techniques

A lot of research has gone into this area of child psychology and parenting that there are several guidelines that assure good results in the parent child bond. In spite of all these various theoretical information, practical knowledge and hands on experience teaches many lessons to parents. They need to follow their heart and use their mind deftly to handle their child. Some of the main pointers in positive parenting for parents to implement with their children are as follows


  • Spend quality time to understand your child and its feelings and requirements well
  • Listen to the child and reason out facts
  • No amount of rigid disciplining will work as well as reasoning out situations to the child
  • Living by example helps the child learn the rules of the game much faster
  • Rewarding for good behavior is as important as punishing for bad ones

Apart from this parents need to use their own judgment in dealing with every day situations and for those who need help with this, there is plenty of support available. Even friends and family can be a great source of support when the situation is rather difficult to handle.



Positive Reinforcements

One common mistake parents make while handling their children is to take a rather negative approach to the whole idea of reasoning things out to their kids. One of the oft-repeated mistakes is to compare the child with either another in the family or in their social circle. This is the worst that can happen to a child’s self-esteem. They begin to feel useless and not up to their parents expectations and can grow up to typically define the term of a loser.


Even simple remarks like ‘leave me alone’ or ‘I need my space’ etc when you really need some time out from hectic routine may get the wrong ideas in a child’s mind. They may begin to think of themselves as a burden or may even start working out a plan to irritate parents to get their time away from doing some things. Never neglect a child throwing a tantrum, there should be a reason for the showdown and finding a solution to it is the best way out. Some parents believe that by giving the kind of attention children demand, they may spoil them. But neglect causes more damage, try to think of the situation from a child’s point of view, a solution may be easy to find out. At the end of it all positive parenting is the solution as no amount of attention is going to cause harm provided parents are not overbearing the child’s inborn qualities with their own.


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