Paletteful Packs Art Subscription Box Becomes A Huge Hit Of 2016


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The Paletteful Packs monthly art subscription box has become one of the most recommended of 2016

Today, Paletteful Packs is celebrating after seeing their monthly art subscription box become one of the most recommended of 2016. The company has reported that they have received more recommendations this year than in any other previous year.

Since being launched, the Paletteful Packs art subscription box, which starts from just $29.95 or $84.95 when pre-paying for three months has gained a reputation for supplying quality materials with helpful tips on improving their artistic skill. It has become such a hit it has gained worldwide attention.

A spokesman for Paletteful Packs said: “We pride ourselves in offering quality materials that provide our customers with everything they need to become creative and enjoy producing a work of art.”

There are two selections for people to choose from, there is the Young Artist subscription box, and there is the Premier Pack. The Young Artist pack, which makes a great gift for a young artist provides a selection of art supplies curated specifically to encourage children to explore their creative skills. It also includes a video that teaches them how to use the supplies of that month. The Premier Pack contains a selection of art supplies. These include a wide range of products, from pens to paint. The supplies in the box are ideal for beginners, professionals, or anyone in between explained a spokesman for Paletteful Packs

For people looking for a perfect Christmas present for a loved one, the  Paletteful Packs makes a perfect gift. It will arrive each month without fail, bringing a loved one a smile and something to look forward to.

To learn more about the monthly subscription service, please visit

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