one of the fastest growing domain name registration services has announced some hot deals

480 one of the fastest growing domain name registration services has announced some hot deals with their domain names service. The promotion that is currently available to all customers new and old offers two free e-mail accounts, free admin panel, and free domain redirection with every domain name bought.

With a modern world advancing in technology and with more people accessing the internet from different mediums which include computers, iPads, mobile phones and other devices, it has become more important than ever for a business to have an online presence.

The first thing a business needs when they are looking to promote their business online through a website is a domain name. It is important that the business finds a name that will stand out and then see if it is available, something they can do with the free domain name suggestion tool. Once they have found the perfect domain name they then need to find a reputable Web Domain Registration service that offers a professional and affordable service. has become a popular DNS Domains service for their fast service and affordable prices. With the company understanding how important it is for a small business to achieve online success, they provide a service that helps to make their online presence more affordable.

The Domain Name Registration deal allows website owners to reduce their cost on the purchase of domain names. With a special promotion, customers new and old can register as many domain names as they wish. The cheap domain registration service offers a large number of extensions at the discounted price which include: [.COM], [.NET], [.MOBI], [.IN], [.EU], [.BZ], [.INFO], [.BIZ], [.CO.IN], [NET.IN], [ORG.IN], [GEN.IN], and [FIRM.IN].

A spokesman for said: “We understand how small business owners need to save money, and how important it is to have their websites online. That is why we offer a discounted domain names service to help small business save money where it counts.”

The affordable Domain Name Registration service that has become a small business owners choice of domain name services support new TLDs and have a domain name suggestion and free Whois service, which is available on their website.

To learn more about the special promotion and the services that are available including the domain name transfer service, please visit