Obesity Epidemic Continues to Grow But Amazing Core Fitness Says The Battle Has Not Been Lost


A recent report has come out saying America has the second highest obesity problem in the world, this is not great news for America as a nation but there is a solution and that solution comes in the form of American Core Fitness Resistance Bands.


With obesity being such a huge problem in America men and women are looking for ways to lose weight and become slimmer, that weight loss solution comes in the form of Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Bands which cost just $16.99


According to the new report, America comes second in the world for the highest obesity problem with Mexico being number one; however, health experts have said that America could soon become number one with the figures slightly below Mexico.


Amazing Core Fitness are shocked by the results and believes America can drop down the rankings if the American people starting exercising in the own home for at least 30 minutes a day.


Health experts have called on the governments around the world to tackle obesity head on and deal with food companies who put too much sugar and too much salt and fat into foods, Amazing Core Fitness agrees with this action and believe food companies should take some responsibility for people becoming overweight and obese.


A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness who sells the Resistance Bands priced at just $16.99 which comes a full money back guarantee, would like to see the government run a campaign letting people know they can lose weight if they exercised at least 30 minutes a day at home.


The company would also like to see families as a whole exercise together and make exercising fun which will then send the message to our children that exercising is a great way to stay healthy.


Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Bands which have become a top seller in the fitness market, allow men and women to exercise at home without joining a gym. The bands allow a person no matter how unhealthy they are to become fit and healthy and lose weight.


The bands do not take up any room in the home, in fact, with them being so light weight you can take them anywhere, to work, to the park or even on holiday.


If you would like to lose weight and exercise from home then have a look at the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Bands and see how you can lose weight and beat the obesity battle.


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