Obesity Before Pregnancy Linked To Earliest Preterm Births Says Amazing Core Fitness


bodyweightObesity has become a serious problem in America. With a growing obesity problem where over 60 percent of adults are overweight, and 27.7 percent are obese, it has now been reported how the problem is affecting the pregnancy of women.


According to a new study, women who are obese before they are pregnant risk delivering a premature baby. A study conducted by the University School of Medicine, United States, found that women faced a risky birth if they were obese before conceiving.


Amazing Core Fitness the company behind the popular resistance loop bands that help adults to exercise in their own home and lose weight priced at $6.99, has said the new report is not surprising. With obesity being a serious issue where it can increase the risk of a person developing Type 2 diabetes, depression, heart problems and some forms of cancer, it stands to reason that it could also affect a pregnancy a spokesman for the fitness experts said. 


The fitness company which has received huge attention through their resistance loop bands that is helping men and women to become slim would like to see women who are thinking of having a baby, to lose weight and become slimmer first. By reducing their weight and becoming slimmer and healthy, the baby is at a lower risk of being born premature.


A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said: “If women who were overweight exercised 20 minutes a day to become slimmer and healthier, they would have a healthier birth and reduce the risk of the baby being born early.”


Health experts who have been concerned about the high level of obesity in women have said they would like to see healthy eating, smaller portions and regular exercise.