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Eastenders Fans Not Happy Over Tanya Plot



Soap Gossip. For some time now Eastenders has been showing Coronation Street up when it comes to storylines and awards but now it seems the fans of the BBC soap are not overjoyed at one of the storylines.



According to Jo Joyner who plays Tanya Jessop, the fans of Eastenders are divided over the storyline of her relationship with her ex-husband Max. While some fans want Tanya to get back with Max other Eastenders fans think it is wrong and are annoyed that the scriptwriters are hooking Tanya and Max up again.

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Tanya ended her affair with Max who destroyed her marriage to her toyboy but now that Max is back on the scene it looks like Tanya will not be able to keep away, something the actress has said will make some fans angry.


Max is determined to get back with Tanya and support her through her cancer battle.


Joyner told TV Times: "Tanya and Max's relationship has always been based on her having to be sexy and attractive, to keep him on his toes. Now she's in a situation where she hasn't got the energy or the ability to be like that, so the terms of their reunion are utterly different.


"Them being back together is like Marmite. Some people hate the idea, others love it."


The actress has said she is happy with the scriptwriters bringing cancer into the storyline to allow more people to become aware of it.


Joyner said: "The thing about cervical cancer is that the earlier it's diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. No woman enjoys having a smear test but undergoing cancer treatment is a lot worse. The NHS provides women with regular smears and that's something we should all make the most of."


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