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Liberal Dem Leader says He Will be The Next Prime Minister What Do You Think

Nick Clegg The Liberal Dem Leader firmly believes he can win the next General Election and has said he wants to be The Next Prime Minister but do you think he is serious or is it just wishful thinking on the Liberal Dem Leader Nick Clegg part.



The Liberal Dem Leader feels that people have had enough of the Conservatives and firmly believes that the country has lost faith and trust in the Labour Party and Gordon Brown. According to Nick Clegg, the country needs a change and The Liberal Dems are that change.

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He is asking the country to have a real change and not to vote for The Conservatives just because they have had enough of Gordon Brown, he is asking voters to vote for a real change and to vote for the party that can give that real change, according to Nick Clegg the Liberal Dem Party are the party to give voters the trust and that change.


Mr Clegg gave a speech in the Bournemouth Centre for 50 minutes and unlike other party leaders his speech was made without notes.



In his speech he asked for real change, trust and said that the Labour party could not offer these things and also said that the Labour Party were no longer a strong force and instead the Labour Party were infact dying.



The Liberal Dem Leader said his party was committed to a fairer taxation and has vowed to clean up “Parliament”



Do you think the Liberal Dem Leader and his party are a party who can put the United Kingdom back on his feet or do you feel a vote for The Liberal Dem Party is a wasted vote? We want to here your views.
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