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Driver in New York Times Square crash charged with murder

Citizens were terrified as images from Times Square in Manhattan showed a vehicle deliberately running over pedestrians. After various terrorist attacks in Nice and...

Nineteen Percent Of Brits Don’t Take Out Travel Insurance

Although the average holidaymaker spends £600 on a holiday abroad and adds extras including extra leg room on the plane, more than 19 per...

Passengers Fed Up With Airlines Sky High Food And Drink Prices

Some Airlines Are Charging More Than 400% Than Supermarkets On Food And Drink   It seems like you cannot trust anyone nowadays. When you go on...

Insurance Companies May Not Pay Out If Burgled While Abroad

Insurance Companies Could Refuse To Pay Out If Burgled While On Holiday   Insurance companies love to find ways of not paying out when it comes...

Bristol School Teacher Struck Off After Having Sex With Pupil In Aircraft Toilet

The 28-Year-Old Bristol School Teacher Denies Having Sex With Pupil A 28-year-old woman who downed wine on board an aircraft and had sex with her...

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