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Passengers Upset After Cruise ship MARELLA DISCOVERY 2 Towed Back To Port

Marella Discovery 2 towed back to port after suffering from an electrical problem Passengers on-board the Marella Discovery 2 will miss out on the port...

Insurance Companies May Not Pay Out If Burgled While Abroad

Insurance Companies Could Refuse To Pay Out If Burgled While On Holiday   Insurance companies love to find ways of not paying out when it comes...

Thousands of Cruise Holidaymakers Not Covered By Their Insurance Policy

Check Your Cruise Holiday Insurance Policy To Make Sure It's Valid More than two million people in the UK will take a cruise this year,...
Parents Are Ignoring School-Term Fines For Cheap Holidays

Parents Are Ignoring School-Term Fines For Cheap Holidays

Due to the tens of thousands of parents who took their children out of school during term-time for a cheap holiday, in 2013 the...
Manchester airport terminal 2 delays

Manchester Airport Passenger Terminal 2 Delays Advice

Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Delays Advice Due to the £1 billion Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, those travelling to Terminal 2 can expect disruptions and changes...

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