New Travel Social Networking Site Called Q2Connect Has Been Launched


Q2Connect is a networking site that provides Internet users and travellers with a unique social network that is great for meeting and chatting with those who are travelling at the same location


Q2Connect ( is pleased to announce the launch of its new travel social networking site. The first of its kind in the world connects travelers for fun, business and lifestyle choices. In addition, travelers can take advantage of Facebook feeds to travel events and destinations. Sign up for individuals and single business travelers is free. Other organizations that can make use of the functionality of the website include hotels, restaurants, travel agents, corporate planners and many others.


Q2Connect is great for chatting with those who are traveling at the same time and headed for the same destination. For example, the same hotel, cruise seminar or other locations. Users can publish individual profiles for fun activities or business profiles, which encourage networking and finding new clients.


Keeping travel itinerary and seminar information up to date so others are able to contact travelers with invitations, to meet socially or for business purposes. Locating friends or out-of-touch family members in the travel destination can lead to side trips, dinner dates or other social occasions. Seminars are an opportunity to do networking with others who have like interests.


Social bodies and organizations that hold seminars, workshops or conferences are able to coordinate lodging, meals and other events for attendees. Hotels and motels, as well as restaurants and conference locations can monitor travelers who plan to visit an area in the future and make suggestions for lodging, food and activities of interest to the traveler. Shopping, eating, dating, movies, sports and meetings of other types can be easily arranged when the travel plans are known.


Some of the benefits that Q2Connect provides are:

– The romantic people who are looking for dating may find their partner on their trip.
– The corporate travellers may join the network, search by industry; meet new clients, plan meetings and much more.
– Business people may meet up before their seminars and conferences to get acquainted and share their plans and ideas with each other.
– Tourists may find great friends to join them when exploring the attractions of the vacation spot.
– The sport lovers will be able to meet other people interested in the same sport.


Learn more about Q2Connect by visiting the website at A Youtube video explains more details about the website. Additional unique tools and information about the functionality of the web pages can be seen at here.