Do you need a DUI attorney when you get a DUI


It is no secret the arrest rate for DUI is increasing. In 2013 there were 14,991 arrests for DUI in Alabama, 61,852 DUI arrests in Florida and 90,066 people arrested in Texas. Police departments around the country are launching special operations to catch people who are driving under the influence, which has pushed up the arrest rate and leaving people without a license or sent to prison.

One of the biggest questions a person asks when they have been arrested for a driving offence is, Do I need A DUI Attorney? The simple answer is yes. Even though it is common sense to hire an Attorney after being arrested, thousands of people feel they can deal with the issue themselves. However, if you asked many of those individuals how they got on trying to represent themselves and keep hold of their license, they will tell you about their regrets while travelling on a bus.

Hiring a DUI Attorney is a very wise move to make if you have been arrested. They have all the knowledge and the experience and not to mention the skill to deal with the law and the court system. With their knowledge of plea bargains, and their understanding of how to fight to keep hold of the license, any person thinking of not using an Attorney should think again.


Should You Plead Guilty?

When a person represents himself or herself this is the biggest problem they face. Should they please guilty or not, and this is why it is so important to have expert advice. An DUI Attorney will be able to guide you through the whole process and as each case is different, they will best advise you on how to plead.


Sentence Bargaining

Most states have sentencing bargaining, however, a person who represents themselves do not know this and those who do, are not sure how to go about it and to try and bargain with the courts.

When a celebrity is arrested for DUI, the first thing they do is to contact their Attorney; this is why so many celebrities walk away with their license still in their pockets.


So the conclusion of the question, Do I Need A DUI Attorney, the answer is yes.


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