MyPicGuard Is Providing Protection of Rights for Online Images


MyPicGuard have announced the launch of their reverse image search tool, which returns found image copies (mainly from Google images) that match your images. The tool is free to use at present, with a Beta version soon to be launched. The Beta version adds automatic scanning and email notification when new matches of user images are found online.

According to a developer representative, “MyPicGuard permits a one step process to review a large number of images. It requires only a few minutes to quickly find any violations. If copies are found, the software allows for tracking and management of the infringing copies, along with generation of reports to enable prompt and effective action. The information captured by the report tool includes links, dates and additional details. The complete report could be downloaded in a .csv format.”

There are many ways in which MyPicGuard could be helpful. Though the tool main goal is for tracking unauthorized use of copyrighted images and designs, or finding the artist behind a particular piece of artwork, there are many more uses for it:

– Verification of a person’s identity and identifies where there are profiles matching an image.
– Looking for old flames, missing friends or family members through images
– Protection of personal Facebook pictures (easy Facebook images importing included).
– Even web promotion by link building using image sharing


MyPicGuard is easy and convenient to use. Only a few minutes are required to sign up for the service. Once the email confirmation is received, users can upload images from your Facebook or computer. Once the images are uploaded, click on the scan button which appears on the bottom right of the screen. After a few minutes, it is easy to check the results page to see the number of copies found for each image.

When image copies results are found, clicking on the image will bring up an image report with all the needed information.

100 free credits are provided, which allows for up to 100 scanned images.

Learn how you can protect your image online by visiting


By Diane Walker