They will share insight and wisdom from over 50 years of combined experience working with people to help them rediscover authentic communication and to create exceptional and enduring relationships.


October 9th, 2014, Calgary Canada – Mother and son, Susan Kasper and Dolphin Kasper who facilitate, speak and coach on authentic expression and how to live a more awakened life, will debut their inspirational book “The Midas Effect: Turning Relationships into Real Gold.”


The Midas Effect: Turning Relationships into Real Gold, brings a unique depth and connectedness to the work of human evolution. Come meet the authors, enjoy the quality of clarity and connectedness they help to create and get your very own signed copy of their transformational book.


Learn to become the source of remarkable relationships in your life!


All profits generated by the sale of this book will be donated to Free The Children. An international charity and educational partner, Free The Children believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. We work to empower youth to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens.


For more information on free the children go to www.freethechildren.com


“One of the keys to creating awakened relationships is learning to speak a more basic language — the language of vulnerability.”

“When we are ready everything helps us; when we are not, there is nothing that can. We are the gatekeepers of real change in our lives.”


About the authors

Susan Kasper and her son Dolphin Kasper are the founders of Evolve Now, which provides avenues for people to create new ways of relating in themselves and with others that profoundly transforms their lives and their most cherished relationships.


Evolve is about a shifting point of view; letting go of self-orientation and falling into alignment with an authentic way of living and communicating. It is the shift from agenda based living to truth based living. Together Dolphin and Susan develop and offer Evolve Now’s work to individuals, couples and groups all over the world.


“With Evolve Now coaching, workshops, retreats and on-line programs there is a powerful shift, away from the limitations of conditioning, and of coping, to one grounded in authenticity and boundless potential.”


Susan brings a lifetime of her own desire for self-discovery and over 10 years of extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Encounter, Rebirthing, Kundalini Yoga and several meditation techniques. For 30 years, Susan has facilitated workshops, retreats and private consultations, in which people discover what is most profoundly possible in human relationships


Dolphin grew up in Vancouver BC and has over 15 years of experience facilitating workshops in the areas of empowerment, conflict resolution, communication and healthy relationships. Dolphin brings a unique balance of passion and sensitivity to this work and believes deeply in every people’s ability to learn, grow and find peace in their lives.


On October 9th, 2014 at 7pm (mountain time) the book launch for The Midas Effect, will be a live local event, Self Connections Books 4611 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary Canada and will be webcast live around the world.


For more information on the event and the authors, visit http://evolvehds.com/