Men and Women Fight Obesity With Gastric Band Hypnosis


At a time when obesity is creating such a huge problem for the UK with a new report stating that the UK obesity problem could become a major worry by the year 2030 with nearly 40% of the adult population being classed as obese, gastric band hypnotherapy is now helping men and women to become slim and fight obesity.


Men and women who have become fed up of trying to lose weight using diets and diet plans have now turned to gastric band hypnotherapy as their preferred weight loss technique. The gastric band hypnotherapy technique has become big news recently thanks to the number of people who have lost weight through the hypnosis technique


In2town Lifestyle Magazine Health Editor Geoff Tims, who is a Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert said that after a new report  stated diets do not work for most people and can actually increase your weight when you have finished the diet, men and women are now turning to hypnotherapy to help them to lose weight without worrying about staying on a for the rest of their lives.


The UK has been hit with many problems over the years but according to media reports, obesity has become one of the biggest worries where men and women have become worried about obesity as well as the government and the NHS.


According to a recent report, unless we do something about obesity then by 2030 nearly 40% of the adult population of the UK could become obese but Geoff Tims  explained that gastric band hypnotherapy can help beat obesity.


Geoff Tims explained: “Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy can help people from all over the UK who are worried about their weight, there has been a huge increase in the number of people who have now become worried about being overweight and have realised the health issues that obesity can bring to their life.”


Geoff Tims explained that thanks to the media people are now becoming wise to diets that do not work and have become more aware of how hypnotherapy for weight loss which is also known as gastric band hypnotherapy has become a vital tool in helping people become slim.


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Hypno Band helps people to lose weight by dealing with the issues that have made you become overweight. Once it has dealt with those issues it then retrains your mind and makes you believe that you have had a gastric band fitted and as a real gastric band does, you will become full more quickly and lose weight by eating less.


When it comes to obesity we need to tackle it head on before our children feel that obesity is not a serious issue. If our children feel obesity is not a serious problem then more than 50% of adults by 2050 will be obese, as it will become a natural way of thinking. But with obesity comes serious health issues that can cause us serious harm.


Gastric Band Hypnosis is allowing obesity to be tackled head on and allowing us to reduce the figures that have been predicted by health professionals for 2030. If more people use hypnotherapy for weight loss then we can become a healthier nation and reduce the burden on the NHS and allow people who are currently overweight to live longer by become slimmer and healthier.


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By Diane Walker