London Commercial Litigation Solicitors Selachii LLP Are Dealing With An Increase in Trade Mark Infringement and Intellectual Property Matters


Selachii LLP, a professional Commercial Litigation Law Firm based in Notting Hill, London, have seen a huge increase in the number of clients who have come to them for help with Trade Mark Infringement and Intellectual Property Matters. The commercial Litigation experts have said the growing number of cases could be down to the popularity of the Internet.

Due to the Internet becoming one of the main places for consumers to do their shopping, there has been a huge rise in Trade Mark Infringement and Intellectual Property Matters. This has resulted in millions of consumers believing they are buying a product from a reputable company when in reality they are being duped by a person or person’s passing themselves off as Trade Mark owners. Unfortunately it is not just the Trade Mark owner who is seeing a loss in revenue, consumers are also reporting goods that were bought in good faith not being delivered while other consumers have reported receiving fake products.

Trade Mark Infringement is on the increase and is costing Trade Mark owners money as well as damaging their reputation. That is why it is important a company seeks professional legal help once they are made aware of their Trade Mark being used by a third party.

Selachii LLP are experts in the field of Trade Mark Infringement and Intellectual Property Matters, and as such they are helping businesses in London and the rest of the UK deal with disputes. The London Commercial Litigation Solicitors will act on any case that is brought to them as a matter of urgency to resolve the dispute and reduce the loss of income and the damage that can be caused.

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