Lack of Exercise Is To Blame For The Rise In Obesity Says Amazing Core Fitness


Men, women, children in America are in increasing in weight, causing alarm with health professionals and the government


It has been reported the obesity problem in America is getting out of control with more adults than ever before being overweight and obese. According to the official figures, over 60 percent of adults are overweight with 27.7 of them are obese, these shocking figures are going to increase according to medical experts. Amazing Core Fitness, the company behind the popular resistance loop bands priced $5.99 which help men and women to lose weight, blames the increase in obesity on the lack of exercise.


Over the past 20 years the level of activity among adults has decreased while people becoming overweight has increased. Although the common belief becoming overweight is down to overeating, in reality becoming overweight and obese has many factors. This includes the lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and the lack of sleep.


Amazing Core Fitness whose resistance loop bands have become a success story in America by helping men and women lose weight within their own home, has said adults need to become more active. The fitness experts would like to see adults spend at least twenty minutes a day exercise to reduce weight and become slimmer.


Being overweight or obese is not just a case of negative body image medical experts have warned. When a person is overweight or obese they are at a higher risk of developing serious health issues which include Type 2 diabetes, depression, heart problems and some forms of cancer. With the serious health problems that are caused by being overweight, it has increased the number of people who have died prematurely.


By increasing activity and exercising for 20 minutes a day through using exercise equipment which includes the Amazing Core Resistance Loop bands, men and women can become slimmer and avoid the serious health issues that come with being overweight.

The Resistance Loop Bands are Premium Set of 4-Resistance Exercise Bands that allow women to exercise at home and have a full workout for weight loss without using weights. With the resistance loop bands being portable, they can be used anywhere and can even be taken on vacation. With the incredible stories of the amount of weight people have lost with the resistance loop bands, they have become one of the best products for weight loss.


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